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Freetime Bangers

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UPC 7331965630203 Availability In Stock Release Date 9/27/2019
Language English
Length about 90 Minutes

  • Features

    DVD Player Compatible, DVD-Rom Compatible, No Regional Coding, Playable Worldwide

  • Description

    These emo twinks have so much free time on their hands, there's only one logical thing to do ? and that is of course, is to get laid! These young men team up with a cute emo compadre who's also got time on his hand and they put that time to good use- by using their mouths for mutual oral foreplay as their soft hands go down for some delightful dick and ass teasing. They may look like shy and introvert emos, but there's nothing but dirty fun and games for these Freetime Bangers in the sanctity of their boyish bedrooms.

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